Applause for Art of Healthcare

Jaree CottMAn
Director of Direct Services
Sisters Together and Reaching, Inc.

"Randi has been such a tremendous support in lending her expertise around the makings of quality health care to our organization. As a licensed social worker and public health advocate, I am no stranger to assessing and meeting the needs of the community I serve; however with the guidance of Ms. Woods, I have been able to expand the scope of my skills into effective leadership and continued public service. She has landscaped an efficient quality improvement plan to be executed from management to the direct service staff. The plan created by Ms. Woods allows us to more strategically and effectively do the work we love. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Randi Woods and can only look forward the untapped potential and synergy that will flourish in myself and the organization at large."

Dolly Vo, Accelerated BSN Candidate 2015
Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

"Randi was my clinical instructor in my nursing program. Her mentorship has inspired my future nursing practice and positively transformed my views on the widespread impact that nurses can make. I already learned about the theoretical knowledge and the clinical skills I needed to become a good nurse. But Randi helped provide me with the experiences and reignited the passion that I needed to become a GREAT nurse. She has taught me about the importance of advocacy, community, and leadership in creating a culture of health not just for our patients, but for one another."

Stephne Spencely,  Accelerated BSN Candidate 2015
Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

"It was a privilege working with Randi, and I truly appreciated her guidance and the relationship we were able to build. She went out of her way to provide me with the most beneficial learning opportunities and encouraged me to look beyond what we are presented with and make the most of these opportunities. Her constant encouragement to be advocates for our patients and ourselves, along with taking the patient and healthcare provider’s perspectives into consideration, so both can benefit from the interaction is definitely something that I will take with me as I start my career as a nurse."